Tokina Cinema Lens Mount Kit Set For Nikon F-Mount Camera CINELENSMOUNT-F

  • $722.00

  • Converts Lens to Nikon F Mount
  • For Tokina Cinema Vista Primes & Zoom
  • For Tokina Cinema ATX 100mm Macro
  • Set of 5 x Shims with Screws
  • Rear Lens Cap
The Cinema Vista Nikon F Mount and Shim Kit from Tokina enables users to convert their Tokina Cinema Vista prime or zoom lens to Nikon F Mount. Also compatible with the Tokina Cinema ATX 100mm macro prime, this set includes the mount, five shims, screws, and a rear lens cap.

As the flange-focal distance can vary among camera types, it can be necessary to make adjustments when switching between lens mounts or camera models. To perform this adjustment this kit provides shims in multiple thicknesses.

Tokina Cinema Vista primes and zoom lenses
Tokina Cinema ATX 100mm Macro only


Mount Type: Nikon F
Weight (Approximate): 6 oz / 170 g

Tokina Cinema Vista Nikon F Mount and Shim Kit
Nikon F Mount
5 x Shim
Rear Lens Cap