Universal 120x40cm Honeycomb Car Air Vent Grille Black Car Bumper Mesh Grill Net

  • $53.99


Model number: A11198

Product name: mesh grill

Material: ABS plastic

Color: black

Size: 120x40cm / 47.24x15.74"

Honeycomb dimension: 27x10mm / 1.06 x 0.39"

Honeycomb depth: 0.5cm/0.19"



1.Universal Black ABS Honeycomb Mesh.

2.This universal mesh is the perfect material to cover all vents and intakes. (e.g. hood, bumper, side skirt, diffusor, air intake, vents, etc.).

3.Installation is quite easy and can be done by anybody.


Package includes:

1 x Mesh Grill