Universal High Flow 2.5 inch In/Out Catalytic Converter Stainless Steel Metal

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2.5 inch In/Out Catalytic Converter Universal High Flow Stainless Steel


Product Name: Catalytic Converter

Body Material: 409 Stainless Steel

Substrate material: Ceramic

Cell Count: 400 Cell

Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 2.5inch/6.35cm inside diameter

Body Size: 4inch /10.16cm Round

Overall Length: 11inch / 27.94cm

Engine Limit: 2.5L

O2 Sensor Port: No



- It is resistant to thermal shock and cracking, long service life.

- It is high corrosion and wear resistance.

- Main function is to convert toxic gases, Contaminants to harmless gases,helps to purify treat car exhaust.

- By using it,it can help to improve exhaust gas flowly, save horsepower and torque.

- Great emissions control, high efficient and work efficiently.


Package Includes:

1x 2.5" Universal Catalytic Converter