35MM Hinge Boring Hole Drill Guide Locator Jig Clamp Woodworking Tool Kit

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Enjoywood Aluminum Alloy 35MM Hinge Boring Hole Drill Guide Hinge Jig with Clamp For Woodworking Cabinet Door Installation

Makes Woodworking Work Easy, Professional

No Measuring and Saving Time



Material: Aluminum Alloy

Hole Opener Size: 35MM

Drill Bit: 2MM

Clamping board thickness: 15-25MM

Color: Red+Black

Hinge offsets: 3/4/5/6MM



Three groups of hole spacing:45mm to 9.5mm/48mm to 6.3mm/52mm to 5.5mm

1. 68mm to unlimited hinge positioning from door end

2. Works with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm hinge offsets

3. All aluminum alloy products, beautiful and durable

4. 35MM hinge hole, small drill bit positioning hole

5. Equipped with a limit ring, the drilling depth can be adjusted

6. Equipped with universal clamp, stable and strong clamping

7. The drill sleeve adopts precision bearing guide drill sleeve, which makes the hole drilling more smooth and simple


Package Includes:

1X Hinge Boring Hole Drill Guide Body

2X Drilling Guide Locator

1X 35mm Hole Opener

1X 2mm Drill Bit

2X Wrench

1X Bearing