VEIKO Alloy Scriber Precision Woodworking Tool T-Type Square Line Ruler Scribe

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VEIKO TS Precision Woodworking Line Scriber Marking T Ruler Aluminum Alloy Hole Positioning Marking Gauge 300/400/500/600/760mm


Product Name: Woodworking Line Scribe T-type Ruler

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Red and Black

Length: 300/400/500/600/760mm

Application: Hole mark, parallel scribe, vertical scribe



1. CNC machined, made of aluminum alloy, durable and precision to use.

2. Straight ruler design, easy to handle and marking.

3. Precise hole and clear scale, easy to read.

4. Upgrade handle design, comfortable to operate and perfect for moving.

5. Provide 300-760mm length for choosing.


Package Includes:(optional)

1 Pc xLine Scribe T-type Ruler

1 Pc x Storage Box