Waterproof Hard Carry Case Bag with Sponge Storage Box Camera Safety Organizer

  • $47.99


- Excellent shockproof, waterproof, dustproof function.

- Widely used in aviation, outdoor photography, field investigation, scientific exploration and many other fields.

- Composite buckle, the use of stretching process, smart, convenient, strong, to prevent the collapse of the box.



Model: E07181

Material: ABS, Sponge

Color: Black


1 External Size: 215x165x95mm 

   Internal Size: 195x128x85mm

2  External Size: 230x185x95mm

     Internal Size: 210x140x85mm

3  External Size: 280x225x100mm 

    Internal Size: 255x180x90mm

4 External Size: 340x270x100mm 

   Internal Size: 315x235x92mm


Package includes:

1 x Box with a sponge